Allegro Computer Consulting is a freelance consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in the Microsoft Office suite of programs and the Microsoft Windows operating system. Using our in-depth knowledge of the programs and Visual Basic programming we create tailored solutions and training to help businesses and organisations manage data, automate everyday tasks and present a consistent, professional face to their clients.

Our association with a variety of client and computer organisations enables us to draw upon a wide range of experience to ensure you get the best solution for your particular needs.

While we are always up-to-date with the latest releases, we do support older versions of the software.

Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell has been working in the computer industry since 1979, initially with dedicated word processing equipment and subsequently, with the advent of the personal computer, focussing on the range of software solutions that have developed into the Microsoft Office suite running under the Windows operating system.

Alison’s early experience encompassed demonstration, training and set-up of individual and distributed word processing systems tailored specifically for the needs of individual clients or groups such as the legal sector. This developed into a Product Specialist role that enabled her to acquire an in-depth knowledge of more complex applications.

Since establishing Allegro Computer Consulting in 1992, Alison has combined her knowledge of the software and her understanding of clients’ requirements to provide customised solutions for a variety of challenges across a wide range of businesses.